Special Projects

Vision of Charity” began November 1995 as God revealed in a vision to Sis Pauline Evans how and what she should do, along with Sis Pat Myrie.

We carried out sponsored walks and sponsored swimming and baked and sold at church functions. We applied to large chain shoe shops, sweet & nappy factories, places which sold medical instruments, schools and central libraries who gave us books which were no longer needed. We also received a duplicating machine.

These items were shipped out to Black Rock Primary School, Portland, Jamaica. As a result of this, they were able to build a library, which was officially opened by various dignitaries.

Each year, we send barrels containing new and nearly-new clothes, shoes, sweets, exercise books, pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, to Black Rock School. In addition to these items, medical instruments, nurses fob watches, all engraved with hospital details are sent to Black Rock hospital. Clothes and toys were also sent to the mother and baby home, clothes to the Poor House in Black Rock.
These are the establishments we sponsor.

We also raise funds by selling donated items at car boot fairs. The work has sometimes been arduous as we had to get up early and be at the car boot area for 5am. By this time Sis Hutton Rose a senior member of the church joined us and Charlene Chattoo (Pauline’s daughter with special needs).

Each time we wanted to wrap up, people continued to donate to the point where the Charity has grown/expanded in different ways. Such as our sponsoring of a mother in Jamaica who had her legs amputated due to diabetes. She has sadly passed away, but we continue to help her daughter until she reaches 18 years of age; each Bank Holiday we sent money to support her.

We sponsored a pastor’s son through school, providing a computer for him. He is now working. We provided fans, drums and instruments to the church in Portland. In 2019 Pauline took barrels out to Black Rock school, mother and baby home and blood pressure monitors for the hospital.
The vision of the charity will always continue.







In 2015 the “Envision” project began from a vision God gave Pauline to rebuild the walls of the church (Nehemiah 3). 

The church is a listed building and the gates and railings had been removed during the war.  After reading this scripture, we began to look at the outside and noticed that the boundary walls needed repointing. We then took a closer look inside the church and saw the condition and realised it required refurbishing.  We arranged a church meeting and informed the members of our findings and that we would be fundraising for this mission; each Sunday we collected a separate offering, which went towards the fundraising, and we originally had 6 members who pledged money each month.

Over the past 38 years, on a Wednesday evening, we have held prayer meetings at Pauline’s home, and this was where God would instruct us on the steps we needed to take during this refurbishment.

We received £6,000 towards new carpets from a private donor, which enabled us to finish the work totally, as that was the amount, we required to complete everything. Support for the charity has come in various ways. For example, Pat who works at a Housing Association, has been supported by her colleagues who have donated various items to the charity.  We take good quality used clothes, handbags and shoes to a place which weighs and buys them. The silk flower displays throughout the church were supplied for free by a work colleague.

When tenants leave houses with furniture and other items, the Housing Association allows Pat to recycle them. We then sell furniture through auctions and there are no fees to pay as the church is a charity.  Smaller items are taken to car boot.

As the refurbishment work on the church continued, God sent along contractors who donated their services and goods for free, they said they couldn’t take pay for working in God’s house.

Some days, some of us would work at the church from 7am to midnight. Family members would come to help after they had finished work and Pauline would always provide food.  A young man within the church offered his services as a builder for free.  As we pushed towards completing the refurbishment, we used our own money for the decorations, updating door furniture and buying pictures for the newly created Lord Supper Room.  

A friend’s mother died, and she allowed us to sell the furniture at the auction. Items that did not sell at auction we gave to people in need, the rest we gave to charity shops. We have just had the external boundary walls repointed. Once God’s favour is upon you, you only have to ask people and they are willing to help.

To date, we have raised £ 13,700.00 towards the new railings and gates, so we have a lot of hard work ahead, but it will be completed.

This year we are looking at setting up the youth club at the Family Life Centre. Radio Hallam have donated sport equipment, the Housing Association donated first generation iPads, and HSBC have donated 10 desktops computers.

Radio Hallam at Christmas time provide toys for families in projects and temporary homeless projects from new-born to 18yrs old who need help. This has been an initiative which Pat’s Housing Association has taken on board over several years.

When the church first opened the soup kitchen, food was donated to the temporary homeless projects of the Housing Association at Christmas time. We filled empty copier boxes wrapped in Christmas paper and gave them to the families.

We also take part in English Heritage Open day in September. This is where the Church – as a listed building – opens its doors to the community, to walk round and look at the historical memorials and ask questions. This helps to put us out there and we can take up donations on the day. It’s a free event!

Last year, a couple of visitors came into the church, and they shed tears and said there was something in the church which caused them to cry. God’s presence of course.

Since we started the refurbishment, we have encountered a lot of external contacts and acquaintances who have now become friends.

The team continue to be grateful to all who have supported this project. Thank you.