Online Interactive Bible Study

As churches were forced to close their doors to worshippers due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were forced into instigating innovative ways to interact with our congregants and community. Of vital importance – we believe – is to sustain the opportunity for bible studies as a way of maintaining focus on the principle thing that sustains us on a daily basis – the Word of God. Our online study group are a friendly bunch and you would be most welcome to come on board as we search the exciting scriptures that have so much to teach us, as we grow together. Interested?

Email us at – the log-in details will be provided to you. See you online.

Online Bible Study Programme

We are excited to announce our new online bible study programme. We offer free bible study provision to 3 categories of learner, the new convert, those interested in applying biblical teachings to everyday life and also those interested in biblical exegesis.
Currently, the New Life and new converts and Kingdom Living classes are held each Tuesday at 7.30pm; the Spotlight class is held each Wednesday at 7.30pm.
Please study the slides below. Please contact if you would like Zoom log-in details.