Sharon Hastings

Sharon was appointed as a deaconess in 2018. Her responsibilities as a deaconess are to attend to the spiritual needs of the church and to be an example for the young women in the church to follow. Her role is to promote an atmosphere where church brethren will open up and be real, knowing there will be genuine acceptance and support for them if they have any problems.

Sharon has additional responsibilities for the main sanctuary and the Family Life Centre. This she does with the help of wonderful volunteers, making sure things are kept in a clean and hygienic condition.

In her role as head of hospitality, Sharon says “I am in the perfect position as a Deaconess to show loving-kindness to all, not only to people we know, but to our guests and visitors alike”. She delights in welcoming visitors, invited guests and the church with open arms, preparing food and serving them with love. She does this with joy in her heart as being representative of serving Christ Himself.