I'm New Here

Visiting Us For the First Time?

At NTCG Sheffield, you will receive a warm welcome by one of our greeters. Our greeters are going to be excited, and will – if you choose – guide you to a seat of your choice; however please feel free to sit anywhere you find comfortable in the main seating area. From that point forward just enjoy a time of fellowship with us; please feel free to stay for the duration, or to leave at a time of your choosing. We would love to have you visit us again.

At our weekend services:

  • Both our main morning and evening Sunday services last for 2 hours each.
  • You will hear inspirational and relevant preaching and teaching based on the Bible.
  • Expect the opportunity to engage with music and worship that glories Jesus Christ.
  • Children will have the opportunity to stay with the adults or to participate in an age-specific learning environment at our Family Life Centre.


Our main church building is fully accessible for wheelchairs and is suitable for those that use walking aids. There is also a hearing loop system installed.



What to wear: As you prepare to visit us, please wear clothing of your choice. You will find that in our congregation of mixed ages, individuals will dress very formally or more casually; the important thing for us is that you are a valued visitor.  

Saying hello to you: Saying hello to you:At some stage, either at the very beginning of the service or just before the main sermon / talk, the person leading the service may acknowledge/welcome you by either simply mentioning your name or asking you to stand. This is done so that all present can see you and celebrate the fact that you have taken the time to visit us. You may or may not wish to stand – the choice is yours.

Your participation in songs and readings: Our church does not normally provide books or sheets to sing from, we normally project the song’s lyrics on a large screen for your enjoyment. We do the same for specific readings and for the reading of passages from the bible; you may see many others making participating through the use of their own bibles. You will be invited to stand at to sit at various points during the worship service.

When the service is over: Members and regular visitors to our church are not normally in a hurry to rush home due to their desire for social interaction. You may even see some of them approach you just to introduce themselves or to say thanks for coming. All of this is normal NTCG Sheffield folk behaviour and you are welcome to stay and have a chat, or to make your way home. Either way, it will have been a huge honour for us to have had you visit. Thank you.