Des Reid

Rev Desmond Reid is a full-time counsellor and psychotherapist. He is married to Pauline and they have three grown-up sons.

Des has been a Christian since the age of 13, serving over the years in a number of capacities, including as a drummer, guitarist, bass and keyboard player. He has worked as an Assistant and District Youth Director, and was on the National Youth Board for 13 years.

Des has been a member of the NTCG Sheffield since 1997, and has served as Minister of Music since 2000. Desmond’s role is to oversee all areas of our worship services which includes the multimedia Sound and Vision team and delivering the worship set for weekly Sunday worship. He is also responsible for overseeing annual local and district worship programmes, which includes inviting guest artists and choirs to minster in concerts during the summer months and at our conventions, Easter and Christmas seasons.

Des is passionate about developing musicians and singers and encouraging them to reach their full potential by playing skilfully and singing beautifully the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Des loves arranging songs. He has written some of our worship songs and encourages others to also write songs. Des preaches the Word when required.