We greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ and trust that by God’s Grace you are well.

For most of us, the year 2020 will hold memories for different reasons and COVID – 19 presents a topic that will change our lives forever. It is changing how we live, our relationships, how we work, socialise, our modes of transport, how we travel, how often we travel, how we communicate and how we think.

Many of us were at a point in our lives where it was difficult to fit anything else into our busy schedules but lockdown has meant having to find a way to make everything work, which has meant families bonding, talking, being creative, thinking differently, reflecting, praying, reading and connecting with others in so many ways that were just so difficult to find even a few months ago.

Understanding the reason why we are in such times is not easy and Job 11:7-9 suggests that we could never by searching ever find out what’s in the mind of God. What we do know is that we share this message presented in Jeremiah: 29:11


“For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope”

God is fully aware of all that is going on in this world, and His thoughts towards us are of good and not evil.

It’s not easy to see the plans that God has for us when we are lost in our own despair! What can we learn or observe through this time? How much is this situation changing for us? What will we do going forward? It’s important to acknowledge that lockdown has not been easy for some people, while for others it’s been a lot more enjoyable. Putting us aside, we must remember, His plan is for our good and not for our disaster.

God wants what’s best for us and would prefer not to lose any one of us. He sent His son Jesus Christ into the world so that we all might be saved. He will return, and that will be sooner than we think. Let us learn and remember this as our hope.

Romans 15:13 – says “ I pray that God the source of hope will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in Him then you will over flow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit”.

Let us trust in Him.

God richly bless you all.